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Chestnut Lane's IDA and City Development Construction Pain

Posted by Shelley Blackwell on

Some may know by now the dilemma that my store has been forced to endure.  The Danville IDA and the City Economic Development Office are determined to put a staircase in the front of my store, take a third of my front display window, and take up 150-160 square feet of my total square footage.  These are the facts as presented to me by Corrie Teague and Telly Tucker from the Economic Development Office.  The whole idea being they want "multi tenant dwellings for the future success of Danville."  

I am pro Danville and Downtown River District, but not at the expense of pushing the existing tenants out of their leased spaces.  I have been a successful tenant for two years, and Chestnut Lane is growing by leaps and bounds. I could easily go outside of the Downtown area and set up my store. It is EXTREMELY difficult to sustain a store downtown if pushed out of my space due to construction.  Lack of retail ready space that can provide a loading zone, adequate parking for my customers and myself is a very big problem.  I know that my corner store, with the most visual storefront downtown, is a little jewel.  My store is conducive to downtown retail.  I truly believe my store is the poster child of what downtown needs.  Quaint retail stores that bring customers downtown to walk up and down the sidewalks shopping after a nice lunch or dinner downtown.

Please know I DO NOT want to leave my store.  Unfortunately, a minimum of six weeks of construction could, and most likely force me to leave my existing space and downtown.  I can’t afford to stay closed and pay my employees.  Yes, I have a full time store manager, and three part time employees.  How unfair is that for them?  

Danville IDA and City Economic Development take your upstairs tenant somewhere else downtown and leave me alone.  Go to an empty building and make it "multi-tenet"!  Not giving adequate notice and throwing this kind of situation on a tenant is SOOOO unfair.  

This situation is why most people in Danville become frustrated with being a business in Danville.  Little or no support is given to established businesses, but they roll out the red carpet to ANY NEW business that comes to Danville.  Some of which have taken the city for millions of dollars.  It is not often or ever, that Danville Economic Development or the IDA is ever mentioned in a positive light.  This comes from the same decisions made by the same people that refuse to see the error of their ways.  It is about them, and not the future growth of our city! 

If by chance you have not entered Chestnut Lane visit our website to see our creative vision.

If you would like to share your feelings on this matter with the city, the link below will allow you.

The link below is the piece about Chestnut Lane's Pain as provided by WSET. building at 310 Main Street has been the home of fine antiques store, Chestnut Lane, for two years. It's part of downtown Danville's revitalized look.


Shelley Blackwell

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