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How To Use Chestnut Lane's Gift Registry

Posted by Carolyn Brackin on

How to sign up for your Gift Registry at Chestnut Lane!

To create or find a previously made Gift Registry click the Gift Registry button in the sidebar menu.

This is the next page that should pop up on your computer screen. If you want to find a registry click the FIND button. If you would like to Create a gift registry click the CREATE button. To manage a preexisting registry click the MANAGE button.

Before creating your registry you must sign up by filling out all of the information listed in the picture above.

Once you have signed up it will take you to the next page where you can create your registry. Basically you fill in what you would like to name your registry, when it will be, a message to the people that will be using your registry, and who the registrant and co-registrant will be. You can also upload a photo for your gift registry.

In addition to that you can add a password to your gift registry so only the people you choose to give the password to can access the items you pick out. Next, you fill out all of your contact information and if you would like you gifts shipped to you.

If you would like your items shipped you must fill out this section and provide and address for where you would like your gifts shipped before and after your event.

Once you have filled everything out and submitted it you can start adding items to your registry!! To start browsing our items click the link highlighted with the blue rectangle. 

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