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Get To Know Your Local Artists! (Jane Carter)

Posted by Abi Tuck on

Hello, shoppers!  

        At Chestnut Lane, something that we take a lot of pride in is our ability to showcase the beautiful, amazing artwork that is being created by talented local artists.  As a small business, we strive to create connections with other creative minds in the community to bring in the best products just for you, and the artwork we bring in is no exception!  We have connections with several local artists in the area so that we can fill our store, and eventually your home, with amazing artwork! 


Original Signed Watercolor "On the Back Porch" by Jane CarterOriginal Signed Watercolor "On the Back Porch" by Jane Carter 


         One of the local artists that we work closely with here at Chestnut Lane is artist Jane Carter.  Jane Carter is an extremely talented artist who has won several awards for her artwork during her life!  She is a Signature Member of the Watercolor Society of North Carolina, the South Carolina Watermedia Society, and the Georgia Watercolor Society.  Her artwork has been admired and appreciated by many, as she has been published in Watercolor Magic as well as having her artwork on the covers of several art magazines!  Her work is widespread, and she has taught art classes in South Carolina and even in England for a period of time!  In fact, she is still painting and teaching at age 80!  

         Here at Chestnut Lane, we have the privilege of having many of Jane's artwork featured here in our store!  We have many of her original works, most of which are primarily oils, watercolors, pastels, and acrylic works!  Here is another example of her original work, titled "Retired".  


          In addition to these original works, we also have a large amount of assorted prints by Jane!  These prints come in a variety of sizes and styles, but are all an affordable way to support your local artists!                           

         These are simply a few examples of the beautiful prints we have in the store from Jane Carter, but we encourage you to come shop with us and check out all of these talented works and support local work!  

         Jane Carter is not the only artist we choose to showcase here in our store!  Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for blog posts featuring each of the local artists, and be sure to stop by Chestnut Lane soon to support all of these artists by purchasing some of their amazing artwork! 

         Happy shopping!  

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