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Mixing It Up! How I stay trendy in an ever-changing market.

Posted by Shelley Blackwell on

     There is not a day that goes by that people may ask me "what period of antiques do you specialize in" or "how would you describe your style". I don't concentrate on any one period or have a very specific style. I buy what I love and or what works together. That does not always mean putting certain periods together. To mix periods and styles creates more interest. Don't let conflicting styles overwhelm you. You don't want everything to "match"; you want it to blend!
A great way to add a little funk to your style is by using antique or vintage lamps.  Lamps are so underrated, but add so much to a room. They can really add a lot of bang for the buck! Check out some of our unique lamp pieces here.  Art work is another way to mix up a room.  Modern or contemporary art can add new life to that old chest or table. We offer so many wonderful art pieces that can you  can browse here. 
     Another great way, and one of my favorites, is finding old chairs with great lines and reupholstering them.  A really great chair in a fabulous fabric can make a statement in any room.
Once you get started you can experiment, find your way and the next thing you know you will have the coolest loft, apartment or house in town!  Just remember to start small and build from there. You can always go back and add a little more funk or fun till you find the perfect balance. Until next time...


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