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Furniture Care Kit

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Furniture Care Kit

The Furniture Care Kit is a great addition to any well appointed home A selection of Christophe Pourny Tonics, Serum, Wax, & Cream are at your fingertips. Each kit makes it possible to polish, clean, restore, and shine surfaces and furniture in your home. Wood, leather, stone, & marble surfaces can all be treated. The Leather Serum & Cream also rejuvenates and protects Shoes, Handbags, Belts, & Luggage.
Each kit includes a full size bottle of Furniture Tonic & Color Reviver, one Leather Serum vial with dropper, one jar of Leather Cream, and one round tin of Paste Wax. Exact size information listed for each item on this web-store.
To choose a scented Tonic or Paste wax, please add a request in the comments section. Lavender, Rosemary, or Bergamot - choose your favorite.
Housed in a reusable wooden crate with hinged cover, Hand crafted in the USA.
The Furniture Care Kit makes a great gift. Whatever the occasion. Say thank-you to the gracious host/ hostess with this ultimate care kit. A great way to say "Welcome to the neighborhood".
The Kit measures 12" x 11" x 4".

$125.00 Retail Value

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